Beginner’s Digital SLR Camera – Canon Rebel T2i


There is a really good reason that the Canon Rebel T2i is on the Top 10 Digital SLR Camera list. It is simply a really well designed camera, and users have expressed their satisfaction with it. This is how cameras get on this list.The Top 10 Digital SLR Camera list is a group of the best liked cameras on the market. It is compiled by taking the user reviews and calculating which cameras have the highest average Star Rating.So, the Canon Rebel T2i is on that list.Some of the reasons that this particular model is on the list are interesting.First reason – ease of use. Being a beginner’s digital SLR, it must by default be easy to use, or people would not rate it highly. The fact is that many of the buyers are new to this type of camera, because they are moving up from point and shoot models.

The menu is very user friendly, and the buttons are easy to access, and they make sense. There are all kinds of readouts on the rear LCD screen and on the top screen to let you know what the camera settings are.Second reason – excellent price. Even though this is not the cheapest entry level DSLR, it is priced affordably. This is important because new users are not always willing to spend the extra money to get a 60D or a 7D before they know whether they will be able to handle a complex camera like this. The Canon Rebel T2i is competitively priced with the Nikon D3100, which has a similar feature set.Third reason – great video. HD video is now the standard for most cameras, and Canon has improved this feature over the former T1i model. In fact, it has the exact same video capabilities as the 7D which is twice the price. That makes buyers feel that they are getting really good value for their money.

Fourth reason – performance. Anyone who has used an older Rebel is really impressed with the way the engineers have added to the quality of the user experience and the resulting images when viewed or printed.And those who are buying their very first Digital SLR are totally blown away by the way the T2i handles and performs compared to their point and shoot cameras.As mentioned, the Top 10 Digital SLR Camera list includes this entry level model along with a few other cameras in that category, but it also includes much more expensive cameras.


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